2022 Digital Publishing Survey Report

Consumer behavior remains in flux post-pandemic, post-digital transformation.  

This year’s report reveals an interesting dichotomy: consumers crave the reliability and validity of publishers but also the real-time, community feel of social platforms.

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The 2022 annual consumer survey unveils new data that shows publishers could learn a thing or two from the influencers and changemakers on social to drive audience engagement.


Email is still king

Email is more important than ever, with more people checking email more often (77% several times a day vs. 67% last year)

Audiences are consuming 68% more news this year than last.

Trust reigns supreme

The most-relied on news source for audiences is the publisher's website, with a 95% trustworthy rating.


One of the reasons email is so important is because audiences are looking for sources they can trust. 

Credibility + Community = A Winning Formula for Publishers

61% of those surveyed said they subscribe to news publishers’ emails because they’re already reading content on the site. 

To keep readers engaged, content must resonate and feel relevant to their life, and it’ll become something they invest in.

Personalized content is key

2/3 of those surveyed said they’d be more likely to subscribe to email if they knew the content would be personalized to their interests.