The Critical Link in Your Monetization Strategy

Spoiler: the critical link is EMAIL!

Email has always been and continues to be a primary communication channel for millions of people. In fact, email is the preferred channel for nearly 75% of consumers and it drives more commercial value than social and other channels.  

In this ebook, we’ll discuss how email can breathe new life into your monetization strategy.

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Multichannel Messaging

Leverage our digital monetization ecosystem, which spans across email, web, push notifications, and emerging technologies.

Advertiser Platform

Extend your reach with our Advertiser Platform, in which you can reach millions of high-value, opt-in subscribers through trusted publishers.

Elite Partners

Join publishers like Seattle Times, The Atlantic, and Bonnier, and advertisers such as Motley Fool, Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Target Corp., and Refinery 29.

Learn how email can empower your monetization strategy