Own Your Audience

Publishers need tools that allow them to own their own audience, instead of relying on third parties like social and search platforms.

Join Jeeng's CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, and a panel of industry leaders including:

- Chris Park @Microsoft
- Stephanie Layser @News Corp
- Amanda Dean @IBM Watson Advertising

They’ll explore how publishers can build a 1:1 relationship with their audiences to drive higher engagement, traffic and revenue.

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Multichannel Messaging

Leverage our digital monetization ecosystem, which spans across email, web, push notifications, and emerging technologies.

Advertiser Platform

Extend your reach with our Advertiser Platform, in which you can reach millions of high-value, opt-in subscribers through trusted publishers.

Elite Partners

Join publishers like Seattle Times, The Atlantic, and Bonnier, and advertisers such as Motley Fool, Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Target Corp., and Refinery 29.

Learn how to own your audience instead of relying on third parties.